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The Universal Music Deluxe Editions series has mined musical archives and come up with some  gems. Tuesday (4/27) the label served up two releases showcasing Eric Clapton.  A Rarities edition of the Cream album Disraeli Gears adds 9 demos and session outtakes to a mono mix of the original 11 album tracks. The 461 Ocean Boulevard Rarities Edition is an oddly titled release.  The disc features 11 songs recorded live the same year (1974) EC released the studio album with that title, but only a couple of tracks - Let It Grow and I Shot The Sheriff - from the studio album are among the 11 tracks on the concert disc.  The Deluxe Edition, recorded at the Hammersmith Odeon on consecutive nights in early December of '74, counts a medley of The Sky Is Crying, Have You Ever Loved A Woman and Ramblin' On My Mind as one song.
  1. Smile 
  2. Let It Grow 
  3. Can't Find My Way Home
  4. I Shot the Sheriff 
  5. Tell the Truth 
  6. The Sky Is Crying /
      Have You Ever Loved A Woman /
      Ramblin' On My Mind  
  7. Little Wing 
  8. Singin' the Blues 
  9. Badge 
 10. Layla 
 11. Let It Rain