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The Allman Brothers Band got its start in Jacksonville, Florida.  But Macon, Georgia was where the band lived during the years of its great triumphs and tragedies.  It was while based in Macon that the Allmans expanded Southern Rock's appeal from something with regional roots to something with national and then international appeal.  It was also where Duane Allman and Berry Oakley died in motorcycle accidents almost exactly a year and a few blocks apart as the 1970's began.  Whether the bitter part of the bitter sweet association with Macon kept the band from performing there regularly is unknown.  But reception the band got and the emotional chord it struck with band members when they did their first concert in Macon in nearly 20 years on Friday (4/23) left no doubt about how strong the emotional ties between the band and the community remain.  The band opened its 3 1/2 hour set at the Macon Auditorium with the consecutive opening songs from their 1969 debut album - Don't Want You No More and It's Not My Cross To Bear.  Set two opened with Gregg Allman leading the crowd in Melissa and also included appearances by former ABB guitarist Jack Pearson, Tommy Talton of Cowboy and Berry Oakley Jr.  While in town, band members also participated in official opening ceremonies for the Big House, a former band residence that has been converted into a museum.