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The charismatic aura surrounding Jim Morrison was so captivating both on stage and off that films focusing on the lead singer of the Doors were inevitable.  The fact they continue to be made 40 years after his death is testament to what a unique and compelling character he was.  When You're Strange, the documentary produced using actual footage of Morrison, earned strong reviews at the Sundance Festival in advance of its general release this month (story).  Another movie based on the Doors lead vocalist is already in the works.  Robert Saitzyk is reportedly in the development stages of a film with some parallels to the last days of Morrison's life.  Since much remains unknown about what transpired in Paris during the period leading up to his death, this as yet untitled production is apt to be so conjecture based that the portrayal will not claim biographic legitimacy.  Oliver Stone took a lot of flack after directing a 1991 movie with Val Kilmer cast as Morrison that was panned for misrepresenting scenes involving Morrison and other band members.  Saitzyk is expected to present the lead character and story line of his movie just as having been inspired by Morrison.