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Def Leppard recently let us know touring will be a bigger priority for the group than finishing up their 9th studio album. The group will co-headline one of the bigger triple bills when it hits the shed circuit with Styx and Tesla once the warm weather sets in.  Dates will start in the south June 23 with a concert in Tampa's MidFlorida Credit Union Amphitheatre, migrate north in July and head west in August.  During a HuffPost interview this week, lead singer Joe Elliott was asked whether being overlooked by the Rock Hall Of Fame has irritated the group.  Elliott said he thinks his band is in some pretty good company because he could name a hundred more deserving of induction than his own band that are not members either. Pressed a bit, Elliott then said he and the other band members sort of came to the conclusion that they should decline induction should the invitation ever come along.