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2014 has been a tough year for U2.  The group made foes of fans for the way it released its album, critics largely dismissed the music on it as unworthy, Bono was seriously injured while bicycling in Central Park, the group's company lost lots of money and now, as the year winds down, U2 has managed to squeeze in another problem for itself.  The latest fallout is the result of the decision to reenact the sectarian violence of years past on the streets of Belfast for a music video.  Staging the car bomb blast and related scenes of violence has brought a barrage of criticism against U2 from residents that resent the disruption and take issue with the band exploiting a painful period in the country's history. The production company doing the shoot issued a statement saying the criticism was '...all out of proportion.  We will have no further comment to make,' Actor/Director Dan Gordon did, though.  He told the Belfast Telegram, 'People rush to look at the negative.  U2 aren't setting out to paint us or themselves in a poor light.  They are there to expose stuff and talk about it.'