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Apple and U2 have both been stung by criticism over the joint venture that saw the Irish group's recent album released exclusively through the iTunes store.  The computer, phone and tablet behemoth also had its sterling image tarnished by bugs in its latest operating system and a big and tall version of its popular phone that is susceptible to bending from the pressure of being in some pockets when owners sit down.  The band has been criticized for releasing a second consecutive lackluster album.  Songs Of Innocence has been dubbed Songs of Mediocrity by some and while an improvement over No Line On The Horizon, the recent release falls far short of measuring up the the group's powerful releases of the late 70's and the 80's.  Whether the end product would have been stronger had the group not been under the gun to get it done in time for the album's simultaneous release with the new Apple phones is something only band members know - and they're not talking.  The Edge is saying that an additional album is expected to emerge from the sessions that produced Songs Of Innocence, one the band is calling Songs Of Experience.  He also says a 2015 tour is being planned that will be less over-the-top than the last tour that featured the band playing stadiums on an enormous claw-like stage.