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Calling it the '...beginning of the long goodbye', Roger Daltrey confirmed that he and Pete Townshend are laying the ground work for a tour they plan to dub The Who Hits 50 tour.  The announcemnt was accompanied by a brief acoustic set for the assembled media at Ronnie Scott's club in London's Soho district Monday (6/30).  An album is also in the offing according to Townshend, who recently gave Daltrey a trio of new songs and said, 'Happily he likes them.'  While the concert sets will be heavy with crowd pleasing tunes, the pair seems intereted in also mixing in some relatively obscure pieces their hard core fans have hoped to hear on past tours.  As Pete put it, 'We are hoping that there will be a few nice surprises for people who have seen us many times.'  

The UK portion of the tour opens in Glasgow November 30 and runs through an O2 Arena date in London on December 17.