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Alice Cooper fans are in for a viewing experience that melds documentary, animation and rock opera like footage delving into the on and off stage life of one of the most engging figures in Rock when Super Duper Alice Cooper - Welcome To His Nightmare debuts on DVD and Blu-ray June 3 (Eagle Rock Entertainment).  


The story of how Vincent Furnier morphed into Alice is revealed by Cooper himself and fleshed-out with additional input from past band members along with commentary from Iggy Pop, Dee Snider, John Lydon and Elton John.  The DVD and Blu-ray release supplements material aired during the VH1 Metal Evolution series with previously unviewed segments and rare footage.  


A Deluxe Edition adds unreleased footage of a 1972 concert in Montreal, a CD of his 2009 set at the Montraux Jazz Festival and a 60 page hard bound book.












1) Be My Lover
2) You Drive Me Nervous
3) I’m Eighteen
4) Is It My Body
5) Dead Babies
6) Killer
7) Long Way To Go
8) School’s Out
9) Under My Wheels

1) It’s Hot Tonight
2) No More Mr. Nice Guy
3) I’m Eighteen
4) Feed My Frankenstein
5) Acoustic Solo
6) (In Touch With) Your Feminine Side
7) Dirty Diamonds
8) Vengeance Is Mine
9) Halo Files
10) Welcome To My Nightmare
11) Only Women Bleed
12) Steven
13) Dead Babies
14) Ballad Of Dwight Fry
15) Devil’s Food / Killer / I Love The Dead
16) School’s Out
17) Billion Dollar Babies