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Heart's induction into the Rock Hall Of Fame did not include former members Mark Andes (bass) and Dennis Carmassi (drums), but promotional materials for the 2013 ceremony included their likenesses.  The snubbed musicians, both in Heart from 1982-1993, are apparently filing suit against the Hall over it's use of the images or graphics ' protect the rights, reputations nad likenesses' of the two.  The Hall refused their induction even though both of the Wilson sisters supported having them included.  The explanation of their exclusion offered by Joel Peresman, CEO of the Hall Of Fame read in part, 'As we do every year we went very carefully over all of the history and the members of Heart that are being inducted besides Ann and Nancy were the ones everyone felt should be inducted.  I am sorry if these others feel this isn't right but this is the final decision of our committee.'