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Noteworthy Then

5-14-1943 Cream's Jack Bruce born


1943 Cream's Jack Bruce born.     

1952 Talking Heads David Byrne born.     

1953 Red Rider's Tom Cochrane born.   

1962 Cult's Ian Astbury born. 

1968 John Lennon and Paul McCartney guest on the Tonight Show to announce the formation of Apple Records.   

1969 Neil Young releases Everybody Knows This Is Nowhere.

1970 Crosby Stills & Nash break up.     

1976 Yardbirds Keith Relf electrocuted playing guitar in his home.   

1976 Linda ROnstadt, Jackson Browne and the Eagles do a benefit for Jerry Brown's presidential campaign.

1977 Heart releases Little Queen. 

1979 Dan Auerbach of the Black Keys born.

1985 Supertramp releases Brother, Where Are You Bound.

1988 Led Zeppelin reunite for 40th anniversary of Atlantic Records, Madison Square Garden.     

1996 Def Leppard releases Slang.

2002 Rush releases Vapor Trails.

2008 Metallica opens North American tour in Los Angeles.  

2015 BB King dies at 89 after a stroke related to Diabetes.   

2016 The Edge falls off stage during U2 concert in Vancouver.

2016 Jimmy Carter awards Gregg Allman Humanities doctorate during Mercer University graduation in Macon, Georgia.  2017 Robert Plant and Brian Johnson join Paul Rodgers for encore during Bad Company front man's solo band concert.

2017 E Street Band guitarist and Sopranos star Steven Van Zandt delivers graduation address at Rutgers University.

2017 Early Alice Cooper Band members reuite with him during Nashville encore...