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One of the great releases of the mid 70's hit the street on this day in 1975. Toys In The Attic, Aerosmith's third album, was recorded as the group was coming off a long tour in support of Get Your Wings that upped the band's live performance chops.  Producer Jack Douglas put the improved skills to good use on solid songs, including two that would be among the Boston band's biggest; Sweet Emotion and Walk This Way.  
Toys In The Attic went on to sell close to 10 million copies and helped establish the Bad Boys Form Boston in the ranks of the biggest concert draws in Rock. 


Other Noteworthy Classic Rock events on April 8 include...


1947 Steve Howe of Yes born.
1962 Guns N' Roses guitarist Izzy Stradlin born.

1963 Julian Lennon born.

1967 John Lennon's Rolls Royce is delivered to J.P. Fallon Coach Builders to get a psychedelic paint job and a sound system upgrade.

1970 The Woodstock movie premieres in London.

1971 Chicago becomes the first band to seel out Carnegie Hall for a week.

1972 Paul McCartney release Give Ireland Back To The Irish. The BBC bans airplay of the song.

1973 Neil Young documentary Journey Through the Past opens at the US Film Festival in Dallas.
1977 The self-titled debut album by the Clash gets its UK release. It would not drop in the US until 1979.  

1979 Aerosmith opens Night in the Ruts tour in LA.

1979 Van Halen opens its first world tour.

1988 R.E.M. leave IRS Records to sign with Warner Brothers.

1994 An electrician discovered Kurt Cobain's body in the Nirvana member's home 3 days after his suicide. 

1998 Faces veteran and Rolling Stones member Ron Wood was among those rescued from a burning yacht off the coast of Brazil south of Rio de Janeiro.

1998 Motley Crue's Tommy Lee goes to jail for breaking parole.

2006 The Rolling Stones do their first concert in China on this night in 2006.