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Bruce Springsteen summed up the importance of his group during his Rock Hall Of fame  induction speech for the E Street Band Thursday (4/10) by saying,'I told a story with the E Street Band that was and is bigger than anything I could hvae told on my own.' He also took a moment to bestow individual recognition on each, starting with original drummer Vini, Mad Dog Lopez.  Bruce says they may never have been an E Street Band had Lopez not asked him to get together a band with him so the two could, '...make a few extra bucks on the weekend.'   Also in attendance and credited was original keyboard player David Sancious, who Springsteen said, '...crossed the tracks in search of musical pleasure.  He was my roomie... and the only member of the group who actually lived on E Street.' Clarence Clemons and Danny Federrici were represented by their widows, Victoria and Maya.  Bruce said he knew his life had been changed to first moment he met his future sax player.  He gave props to Steven Van Zandt for being, 'My dependable devil's advocate whenever I needed one and fan number one.' Of his wife and band member Patti Scialfa, Bruce said she brought a voice that evoked Ronnie Spector and Dusty Springfield that also had '...something that was very much her own. We met, we talked for an hour or another 30 years or so. We enjoyed health and we've suffered illness and aga and death together. But in the end, we kept the faith together.'
Interim E Street Band guitarist Tom Morello inducted KISS, saying he had to defend himself when school bullies went after him for going to a KISS concert (his first concert!).  Morello proclaimed, 'Tonight proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that the high school bullies and critics were wrong, KISS fans were right.' KISS members stuck with their refusal to perform at the ceremony due to a dispute about whether current members deserved to participate.
Bass player Krist Novoselic said everytime fans walk up to him and thank him for the music he made with Nirvana 'I think of Kurt Cobain'.  R.E.M's Michael Stipe credited the group during his induction remarks as '...true artists, not just musicians', adding, 'This is not pop music. This is something much greater than that.' Joan Jett performed Smells Like Teen Spirit with Novoselic and Dave Grohl.