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The Rock Hall of Fame deserves the derission it gets for the slew of acts it has inducted that are not Rock and for many deserving Rockers it ignored all together or waited longer than it should have to enshrine.  That said, the class of 2018 had a much lower ratio of unwarranted to highly deserving inductees than any year in quite some time.  The Hall also deserves props for having the balls to let Howard Stern induct Bon Jovi.  True to form, Howard pulled no punches and even went so far as to bash the Hall for letting Jann Wenner, the Rolling Stone magazine editor who has a tight relationship with the Hall and is suspected of having opposed the induction of Bon Jovi for years, from even having a vote.  During his introduction of Bon Jovi he said Rolling Stone was a 'great magazine' that ' now a pamphlet'.  He credited the band he was inducting, saying, 'These boys have worked their asses off, and led the crowd in praising them with a sing-a-long of a portion of Dead or Alive before turning it over to the band for their own comments. Bon Jovi, performing with Richie Sambora for the first time since the guitarist quit the band, ripped into renditions of You Give Love a Bad Name, Livin' on a Prayer and It's My Life.

Up next was Dire Straits, minus both Mark and David Knopfler, Mark for unspecified 'personal reasons' and David evidently because the Hall rescinded an offet to cover his traansportation costs.  With those two missing, the band members in attendance elected not to perform at the induction.
The Killers Brandon Flowers, who opened the evening with a tribute medley of American Girl into Free Fallin in tribute to Tom Petty, did the honors of inducting the Cars, calling them a group that '...turned my black and white town into color'.  The Boston band then did a set that included Just What I Needed, My Best Friend's Girl, Moving in Stereo and You Might Think.

The too long overlooked Moody Blues closed out the evening.  After an introduction from Heart's Ann Wilson, the veteran Rockers did a set featuring several of their best known songs.