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Tareq Salahi named both Neal Schon and Journey in a suit after his wife, Michaele, started dating the guitarist and traveling with the band.  The jilted husband claimed the affair was a publicity ploy to drive album and ticket sales. Whether or not that was the case, the appearance his former wife made with Schon in the above video was sure to stir things up.
In granting a divorce decree on Monday (8/20), a Virginia Circuit Court judge also dismissed the $50 million suit the former Real Housewifes show's husband had filed against Schon and Journey.  The guitarist issued a statement through a spokesman reading, 'I was never concerned about the $50 million lawsuit as I knew it was always about their divorce. It's over. I win, she's with me.'  The headline hungry former couple triggered a tabloid feeding frenzy after crashing the inagural ball for President Obabma.  Tareq can now concentrate on his latest pursuit, winning the race for governor of Virginia.