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John Fogerty was front and center in support of a new Veterans crisis intervention center in Las Vegas.  In addition to contributing time and money to support the efforts to bring the center online, John attended the groundbreaking ceremony Thursday (9/28) to make some remarks and perform.  Before Creedence Clearwater Revival's emergence as one of the more socially conscious groups of the 60's, Fogerty spent sime in the Army National Guard.  He stood in opposition to the Vietnam War, but his loyalty to those who served has always held firm, saying, 'Humanly, how can anyone be against veterans? It's inconceivable. These are the people that defend our coungtry and defend our rights in ways most of us probably couldn't come up with or even understand.  There's bravery and herosim there.' Fogerty played a new song he co-wrote with Brad Paisley and also did the CCR classic Fortunate Son.  
The goal is to have the 3500 square foot crisis center up and running by Veterans Day.  The facility will supplement other services available in the Veterans Village.