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A New York City recording studio where many great albums were recorded has been spared the fate of several former studios that have gone the way of condos or the wrecking ball in recent years.  The Power Station had been renamed Avatar by its more recent owners.  When they sought an interested party to take it over that would commit to continue operating it as a studio, Boston's Berklee College of Music jumped at the opportunity. Renamed the Power Station at BerkleeNYC, the studio will, in addition to serving as a traditional recording studio, hos educational programs and live performances for intimate size audiences.  New York Mayor Bill de Blasio gave Pete Muller much of the credit to bringing the deal to fruition, saying  'Renovating this amazing, historic music venue is a powerful nod to New York City as a continuing center for innovative art, culture and creativity.  I commend Berklee and Trustee Pete Muller for their investments, their vision, and for the public performing space that will benefit many budding and future New York recording artists.'

The former ConEdison power plant opened as a studio in 1977.  The list of albums recorded there includes major albums from Bruce SPringsteen (Born To Run), the Rolling Stones (Tattoo You), Bob Dylan (Infidels), David Bowie (Scary Monsters & Let's Dance), and many, many more.