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E Street Band members will have more time on their hands than they assumed. Bruce Springsteen's fall  series of solo dates in a Broadway theater has generated such a frenzy of anticipation that 10 additional weeks of performances have been added.  The Boss had been scheduled to will sing songs and spin yarns at the 950 seat Walter Kerr Theatre from October 12 - November 26.  It has now been announced that the closing night won't come until three days into the second month of 2018.

In an effort to thwart bots and scalpers, Ticketmaster has developed a system designed to limit sales to individuals that have an established history of having purchased tickets in patterns that makes them verifiable as legitimate fans.  The ticket seller's Verifiable Fan registration will be re-opened until September 3 for the additional dates.  People that registerd for the initially announced dates that did not get the opportunity to buy tickets do not need to register again.