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Ted Nugent's recent claim during a radio interview that he hasn't been nominated for the Rock Hall Of Fame because of his political opinions drew a counterpoint from David Crosby.  The CSN/CSN&Y member took to his Twitter account to contend Nugent hasn't earned consideration for the Cleveland museum because he "...just isin't good enough".  Nugent returned fire on his Facebook page with the following rant. "Everybody knows that David Crosby is an evil rotten soulless punk that has criminally poisoned his bloated carcass his entire vapid life.  I couldn't be more proud that such an uncaring dirtbag hates me while he competes with Michael Moore to see who can go the longest without hygiene.  Zombie-boy would hurt himself if he tried real rock & roll like mine.  Let's all pray he can form a syllable before his borrowed liver fails.  I laugh at his pathetic slovenliness as I wrap up the greatest ultra-fun tour of my life."