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John Mellencamp has said that his hard headed son Speck reminds him of himself.  John's 22 year-old son seems like he got the stubborn, confrontational disposition of his father but added a willingness to take things beyond words.  Some years back, Speck and his brother had a run-in with the law after getting in a brawl at a party that came across as being a retaliatory beating (story).  After midnight on Sunday (7/16) in Bloomington, Indiana, Speck was arrested and charged with public intoxication and resisting orders of law enforcement after he and his brother reportedly got into a row after a group of guys started taunting them. After Speck got mouthy with officers on the scene and first responders attempting to treat him for injuries evidently sustained during the the altercation with the group of other men, police elected to take him into custody and charge him with the two misdemeanors.