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Guitarist Neal Schon and keyboard player Jonathan Cain apparently are at odds.  Schon went on Instagram on Sunday (6/4) to post "I want to be elevated by whom I play with, not feel like I've got cement shoes. If anyone is unhappy they are not running My band, they should leave".  That post was followed by one in which he called out Cain specifically and shed some light on the nature of his issues with him.  It appears Schon thinks Cain is trying to interject politics and religion into Journey's songs or performances because the guitarist wrote, "I've stated how I felt about mixing Religiona nad Politics and how our music is not of 1 religion - Democratic or Republican.  This and has been an issue with myself Mr Cain and his now wife since he married."  Cain is married to a Pentecostal Christian televangelist.  Cain's online reaction was "A heart of gratitude leaves no room for complaining.  For it is impossible to be truly thankful and filled with negativity and ungratefulness at the same time."