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The promoter behind two weekend concerts last year that reportedly grossed more than $150 million has decided against attempting to pull it off again in 2017.  Billboard reports that Paul Tollett of Goldenvoice is electing to pass on another Desert Trip in 2017, but could consider something like it in the future. Given the scarcity of active acts of the caliber his 2016 lineup featured, it's hard to imagine being able to equal or better last year's in this or a foreseeable future year unless he is able to leverage reunions.  Speculation that Led Zeppelin might have been swayed to agree to perform this year spiked when Robert Plant replaced his web site home page with a screen displaying the words "any time now..." several weeks ago.  He has done nothing to quash the rumors those words are fueling but if a Zeppelin reunion is in the offing, it apparently won't be at Desert Trip.