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When Theo Epstein was inexplicably cut loose by the Red Sox, the team and its fans lost one of the most brilliant front office minds in the modern-day game and one of the hipper musical guys in the national past time.  Beantown also saw cool charity event he and former Boston Globe sports guru Peter Gammons staged in Boston while Epstein ran the club relocate to Chicago after the Cubs landed Epstein.  Gammons and Epstein decided to bring the event back to Boston this spring when the Cubs visited Fenway Park for the first time as the defending World Champions.  As he has in the past, Eddie Vedder, one of Rock's most avid baseball fans, headlined the event.  The Pearl Jam front man delivered a set than included songs from his own band, the Rolling Stones, Bruce Springsteen, the Who, the Talking Heads and Aerosmith.  Epstein joined in on a Buffalo Tom song.