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Spring 2017 Record Store Day will offer vinyl enthusiasts lots to choose from. Some highlights for Classic Rock buyers along with the quantity available:


Alice in Chains: Welcome to GAZI picture disc
Ben Folds with the Australian Symphony Orchestra
Blondie: Long Time single
Bruce Springsteen: Hammersmith Odeon 1975 (3,000 4lp sets)

Buddy Guy: Sick With Love/She Got it Together (New songs, 1,500)
David Bowie: Cracked Actor - a live 1974 LA recording

Cars: Live atthe Agoura 1978 (4,000)
Dave Matthews Band: Red Rocks 1995 (2,500)

David Crosby: The Lighthouse Band (2,500)
Def Leppard: First, rare EPs (4,000)
Doors: Live at the Matrix  1967 (4,500)
Emerson, Lake & Palmer: Brain Salad Surgery single (1,500)

Fleetwood Mac: Mirage Alternate takes LP (3,500)

Frank Zappa: Rollo (4,000)
Grateful Dead; Vancouver 1966 (4,000)
Kinks: All Day and All Of The Night single (2,500)

Lou Reed: Perfect Night 1997 London Live acoustic shows (3,000)

Neil Young: Decade (5,000)

Patti Smith: Hey Joe single (2,250)

Paul McCartney & Elvis Costello: Flowers In The Dirt (cassette)

Pearl Jam: State of Love/Thrust single (5,000)
Pink FLoyd: an extended version of Intestellar Overdrive recorded in 1966
Ramones: 76-79 singles box set (6,500)

Red Hot Chili Peppers: Go Robots/ Dreams of a Samauri Live (5,000)

Rush: Cyngus X1, Hemispheres EP (5,000)

Santana: Woodstock 1969 (3,000)

Sex Pistols: Anarchy In The UK box set singles (3,500)

Stevie Ray Vaughan: Carnegie Hall double lp (3,000)

Sting: Live at Bataclan (3,500)

T Rex: Rock N Roll single (750) and T Rex Live 1977 album

Talking Heads: The Wilding - This Could Be The Place single (3,000)

Todd Rundgren: Fox Theater Live 1973 (1,000)

U2: Red Hill Mining Town 12" picture disc

Who: Ready,Steady Go single

Yes: 90125 picture disc (2,500)