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The inevitable last minute rumors swirled in the hours leading up to the Rock Hall Of Fame induction ceremony at the Barclays Center Friday night (4/7). Claims Steve Perry would sing with Journey resurfaced and proved false. So did the statements from the Rock Hall itself denying earlier rumors that Geddy Lee would perform Roundabout with Yes after inducting the Prog Rock legends.

Perry did emerge with Journey to accept his former group's honor as members of the Hall on their first time on the ballot.  He was gracious about it, attributing Journey's induction to its fans and praisingArnel Peneda, the singer that took his place but was left unrecognized by the Hall.

Geddy Lee and Alex Lifeson introduced Yes.  Lifeson called Yes his '...gateway band in so many ways'. The Rush bass player and lead singer credited the band for changing the way he played and listened to music and later added while speaking with media members covering the induction, 'Chris Squire was one of the most inventive sounding bass players ever.'  About playing with the band on Roundabout, Lee said of Squire, 'It's one thing to mimic his parts - you can mimic anything if you practice it - but to write those parts is sheer brilliance. It was a great honor for me to step in'.  The performance also marked the first performance with Yes of original lead singer Jon Anderson since he was replaced several years ago.