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Artimus Powell is in the middle of writing and preparing to produce a biopic about  his life and years as a member of Lynyrd Skynyrd.  The former drummer for the Southern Rock institution called the project a '...much deserved movie for fans of Skynyrd' while taliking with Deadline about the project, which is tentatively titled Free Bird.  Powell plans to closely chronicle the last hours of Ronnie Van Zant and Steve & Cassie Gaines, the band members killed in a 1977 plane crash.  Pyle says Van Zant was someone he '...loved like a brother and still miss to this day.'  It is uncertain whether Pyle will be granted rights to use recordings of the band he played in from 1974-1991 for the film.  He hopes to because he wants the film to convey ' band members the way they were: real, funny people who loved the music, loved the success that allowed us to be able to travel the world and play for kings and queens all over this planet.' He added that the story of the band is '...incredibly personal and passionate to me and I want the movie going public to be able to share the laughs and the tears.'