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A March, 2015 drive David Crosby took in his Tesla proved costly.  The singer has settled a lawsuit filed by a jogger that he clipped on a road in Santa Ynez, California (story) for $3 million.  Crosby was driving his Model S at the posted speed limit of 55 at the time of the incident, according to the accident report.  He attributed the accident to glare from the sun, but the Jogger, Jose Jimenez, maintained in the suit he and his family filed against Crosby that reckless driving was the cause and that the singer '...ingested alcohol and/or prescription drugs... and/or hallucinogens' that impaired his driving ability.  The accident report contains sothing to substantiate those claims and it also states that Jimenez was partly responsible for the incident because he was jaywalking when it happened.