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Ozzy Osbourne has made plenty of history of his own.  On July 27 he'll make more with the History Channel launch of Ozzy & Jack's World Detour, a 10 episode series that features a father and son road trip to historic sites.  The pair will visit Stonehenge, Mt. Rushmore, UFO haven Roswell, New Mexico, a cold war missile silo, Sun Studios in Memphis and other sites during their trek.  'History with an Ozzy slant' is what the elder co-host calls the show.  Count on the pair to encounter some interesting characters along the way.

Details about the back-in-time show come along as Ozzy faces the prospect a future without his wife and manager of 30+ years.  Sharon Osbourne recently annnounced a split with Ozzy, one sources told In Touch was the result of her discovery that her husband had been lavishing time, attention and a considerable amount of money on a 45 year-old celebrity hairstylist.