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With Rush in a state of suspension, Geddy just might record a solo project.  Lee let that nugget drop while reflecting on his previous solo release, 2000's My Favorite Headache.  Lee says he took on that project as a means of coping with the death of drummer Neil Peart's daughter in a car accident in 1997.  That, and the subsequent death of the drummer's wife less than a year later, led to the last time Rush was put on hold for an extended period.  Lee called the period 'horrible'.  He'd been planning on doing some studio sessions with Ben Mink just prior to the double tragedies and decided that getting together with him could prove to be just what he needed because the '...was going crazy and needed something to focus on.'  Given the current hiatus of Rush, Lee was asked whether a second solo project is something he might consider.  His reply... 'Yes, I would - definitely.'