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A March announcement by Sharon Osbourne made it sound as though Black Sabbath would do just one final concert at Ozzfest in Japan in November before calling it quits for good.  It appears that won't be the case, according to her husband. Ozzy says a 2016 Farewell Tour will be staged.  Talking this week at a Monsters Of Rock presser in Sao Paulo, Brazil, Osbourne said the group is sorting through the complications of having members on different continents with differing degrees of interest in continuing to perform, but he sounds confident that a final tour will happen in 2016.  Whether the tour includes Bill Ward remains to be seen.  The drummer was reportedly left off the last reunion tour because he felt the earnings Ozzy would pocket compared to his was unacceptable.  That led to a falling out and some snarkey exchanges.  Ward recently indicated it would take an apology from Ozzy to get him to join a farewell tour.