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The announcement that Furthur, the band that reunited Grateful Dead members Bob Weir and Phil Lesh, was disbanding included a tidbit that fans of their original band are taking as an indication The Dead could rise again.  "We'll all be keeping very busy over the foreseeable future" were the words used.  Other considerations pieced together that could lend credence to the idea of a 50th anniversary for one of San Francisco's seminal bands: 2015 also marks the 20th anniversary of Jerry Garcia's death.  Bob Weir, who recently re-emerged following a long stretch staying off the radar, canceled his tour with Ratdog.  The guitarist also used words in a Rolling Stone interview early this year that some interpreted as an indication that the Dead could reconvene when he said, 'If there are hatchets to be buried, then let's get to work'.  An entry in the group's almanac on referencing the approaching milestone reads, "We do not yet know the exact form the commemoration of this auspicious anniversary will take, but this remarkable journey is something worth celebrating, and celebrate we will."  Whether that is just to exhort fans to mark the occasion themselves or means something more is in the works remains to be seen.



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