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Noteworthy Then


1941 Roy Harper born

1949 King Crimson and Asia's John Wetton born.

1951 Boston’s Brad Delp born.

1951 Cheap Trick’s Bun E Carlos (Brad Carlson) born.

1952 Pretenders Pete Farndon born.   

1953 Rocky Burnett born.

1964 Beatles play to 250,000 in Adelaide, Australia.

1966 Steven Tyler busted in an undercover cop sting at his high school.

1968 Blues Travelers Bobby Sheehan born. 

Mick Taylor introduced as the replacement for Brian Jones by the Rolling Stones.

1970 Mick Fleetwood marries Jenny Boyd

1976 John Lennon releases Somewhere In New York City. 

1977 Kenny Wayne Shepherd born.   

1982 Bruce Springsteen, Jackson Browne, Linda Ronstadt and Gary U.S. Bonds perform at No Nukes Concert in New York's Central Park for a crowd estimated to be from 750,000 - 1 million.


1990 Bad Company releases Holy Water.

2002 Billy Joel crashes his car on Long Island, enters rehab soon after.

2005 Pink Floyd announces plans to play thee Live 8 Concert in July. It would be their first concert in 24 years.

2007 Rolling Stones release A Bigger Bang 4 DVD set. 

2007 Neil Young’s wife Pegi releases her debut album.   

2011 E Street Band sax man Clarence Clemons suffers a stroke at his south Florida home.