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Noteworthy Then

1938 JJ Cale born…   1947 Bufflao Springfield, Poco. Loggins & Messina’s Jim Messina born…   1968 Rolling Stones release Beggar’s Banquet…   1973 Paul McCartney releases Band On The Run…   1994 Pearl Jam releases Vitalogy…   2005 Pink Floyd’s Pulse released on DVD…  2005 Valarie Bertenelli files for divorce from Eddie Van Halen…   2009 Bruce Springsteen a guest of honor at State Department dinner the night before he gets Kennedy Center Award in Washington…,  Phil Lesh joins the Black Crowes on a Grateful Dead song encore at the Fillmore in San Francisco…   2010 Steven Tyler does last 4 songs on Abbey Road album during Kennedy Center Awards segment honoring Paul McCartney… 2013 Rough draft of Born To Run lyrics auctioned for $197,000...   2015 Indianapolis Colts owner bids just over $2 million for Ringo Starr Ludwig drum kit played at more than 200 performances...   2017 John Mayer undergoes emergency appendectomy, Dead & Company postpone New Orleans and Florida concerts