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Brian May leads international online jam of Hammer to Fall (4-7-2020)

Queen guitarist Brian May was joined by musicians in Spain, the UK and US when he and Mig Ayesa, Chris Allan and Ally McLachlin streamed this version of Hammer to Fall Tuesday (4/7)



Brian May releases song for New Horizons NASA mission

Rock & Roll isn't rocket science, but even if it was, Brian May would be right at home with it.The Queen guitarist has earned recognition for his considerable knowledge of astrophysics, a field he earned a PhD in. He also has had an active role in the NASA New Hroizons mission to Pluto, a multi-year, 4 million mile mission of a grand piano sized space probe that is now another million miles past the planet and is sending back details on a smaller body that could yield a great deal of info about the earliest moments in our solar system's history.
May wrote and recorded this song to commemorate the mission's achievements.





Rami Malek plays Freddie Mercury

It did not take the production team behind the Freddie Mercury biopic long to pick a new director.  Just two days after dismissing Brian Singer (story), Dexter Fletcher has been named as director for the film starring Rami Malek as Queen's charismatic front man.  Fletcher's past credits include Eddie The Eagle and Sunshine On Leith.  

Here's a look at Malek in the role.




Queen's Roger Taylor releases short film for Journey's End

Queen member Roger Taylor wrote a song titled Journey's End and commissioned Stuart Brennan to make a short form film based on it.  Taylor describes the song as one with a '...whimsical, rather fatalistic atmosphere' that deals with mortality.'