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James Hetfield honors Eddie Money (2-20-2020)

James Hetfield's return to the concert stage after completing a stint in rehab wasn't with Metallica. He made an unannounced appearance at a tribute to Eddie Money concert at the Saban Theater in Beverly Hills Thursday night to sing Baby Hold on.



James Hetfield talks cars at event showcasing several of his

James Hetfield's first public event since his stint in rehab came at an event showcasing several of his cars and included this chat.


Metallica members do anthem before game 3 of NBA Finals (5-5-2019)

Metallica busts out Run Like Hell in Kansas


Metallica: when in Kansas...


And because it was on David Gilmour's birthday...

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Jason Newsted's new band does Rockin' It The Free World


Stage swallows James Hetfield during Metallica's Amsterdam set (9-4-2017)

James Hetfield was in the middle of Metallica's song Now That We're Dead during group's concert Monday (9/4) at the Ziggo Dome in Amsterdam when he averted a brush with death when he fell through into an open trap door in the stage.  He was assisted up out of the opening, telling the audience after completing the song 'I'm okay. My ego, not so much. But we're fine. Hurt my feelings'.  


Metallica on Steven Colbert Show (5-15-2017)

Metallica & Lady Gaga do Moth Into Flame at Grammys (2-12-2013)

James Hetfield's mic didn't work and Lady Gaga almost did a face plant when a boot clipped the corner of a monitor, but they made it through a thundering version of Moth Into Flame during Grammys at the Staples Center.  A pissed off Hetfield gave his mic stand the boot at the end and then threw his guitar as he exited the stage.


Metallica & Neil Young do Mr. Soul at Bridge School benefit (10-22-2016)

Neil Young's annual Bridge School benefit concert at Mountainview Amphitheater on Saturday (10/22) produced one of the more unpredictable moments in the 30 years Neil and his ex-wife have been presenting the concerts to benefit the special needs school; Metallica performing a Buffalo Springfield song.  Neil and the Bay Area masters of Hard Rock got together to deliver a jamming version of Mr. Soul on a night that also saw Metallica do versions of Deep Purple's When A Blind Man Cries and Clampdown by the Clash.



Metallica Hardwired To Self-Destruct

Hammet & Hetfield shred the Anthem before Stanley Cup game (6-6-2016)

Metallica AT&T Park concert (2-6-2017)

Metallica unveiled a new touring stage for a hometown crowd that packed AT&T Park in San Francisco the night before the Super Bowl was played in nearby San Jose.  The concert, which sold out less than 1/2 hour after tickets wen on sale, featured the band ripping through a multi-era set of material and was streamed live.