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Bob Dylan and Neil Young perform together in Hyde Park

Bob Dylan and Neil Young played Hyde Park in London over the weekend.  The two legends joined forces on Will The Circle Be Unbroken.


Bob Dylan

Bob Dylan covers Learning To Fly on Tom Petty's birthday (10-20-2017)

p> Bob Dylan, who regularly rearranges his own songs in concert to the point they are hard to recognize, did a true to the original version of Tom Petty's Learning To Fly during his Denver concert over the weekend.



Dylan and Stones open Desert Trip concerts (10-7-2016)

p> Mick Jagger feeds off the energy of audiences, but the burden of generating it  Friday (10/7) was almost entirely on him due to a relatively lethargic audience comprised of some enthusiastic fans but also loaded with a lot of sluggish, smug types attending for the bragging rights of having been there.  Dylan, who has a tremendous catalog to draw on, opted to do a set that drew 7 of it's 16 songs from just one album, Time Out Of Mind.  The Stones did a 20 song set that featured a version of the Beatles Abbey Road lead track Come Together.





Dylan does Free Bird during Berkeley concert (6-9-2016)

Just when you thought nothing he could do would surprise you anymore, Bob Dylan breaks out a version of Lynyrd Skynyrd's Free Bird. It happened after a fan jokingly yelled it out during his Thursday (6/9) concert at the Greek Theater in Berkeley, California. We're looking for a clip that includes Bob's vocal. In the meantime, here's the roaring wrap-up the epic song got from his great band.