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Things are not at all alright between Eddie Money and Kenny Loggins from Eddie's perspective.  That came out loud and clear when Money was being interviewed by Kidd Rock on WEBN in Cincinnati.  Money says he got zero credit from Loggins after joining him to sing on his biggest solo hit, I'm Alright.  Money told listeners, 'I sang the bridge on that, we were label mates, you know'.  But he was just getting started on why he says he'd probably punch Loggins out if the two ever cross paths.  He followed-up his diss of Loggins for not giving him a credit on the record by saying, 'Kenny Loggins, I mean, how small can a guy be, that he divorces his wife and marries his therapist. Gimme a break!'  Next, Money brough up another reason he has no respect for Loggins.  Children of both of the singers went up against each other on the MTV Rock The Cradle reality talent competition.  Eddie contends his daughter out-performed Kenny's kid, '...the TV people found out that I was gonna be on the road the last week, so they let Kenny Loggins' kid win it, and that kid was a bum too.' When Kidd Chris suggested a celebrity boxing ring might be a good place for Money & Loggins to meet, Money said, 'I'll knock him out in 20 seconds.'