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It's been 15 years since Steve Perry was the front man of Journey.  In the years between, the group has managed to fill his shoes with a couple of singers that did a decent job of duplicating Perry's sound and range.  But some fans don't consider Journey Journey any more than Yes purists buy into the sound-alikes that band has used since ousting Jon Anderson. Perry, too, has regrets about leaving the multi-platinum band he once fronted.  A recent public message attributed to guitarist Neal Schon sounded like it could open a door to Perry's return.  Schon said, 'We had an amazing chemistry together. I love him with all the love and admiration you could have. Steve, let's talk soon.'  Talking with Artisan News, Perry said, 'I haven't worked with Neal', but added '...we're trying'. Even if a there is a future for Perry in the band, Schon says he would want current vocalist Arnel Pineda to remain with Journey and the band's management moved quickly to play down prospects for a reunion, telling that reports Perry is likely to become a member of the band again are 'totally inaccurate'.