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Mild mannered Graham Nash reveals a good deal about his wilder early years in his upcoming book Wild Tales, due September 17.  His stories include revealing info about CSN&Y band mates. During the group's tumultuous 1974 tour, Nash and David Crosby, who Nash writes '...had incredible sexual energy', brought along a companion identified only as Goldie Locks who Crosby routinely had orally pleasuring him while he was '...on the phone and rolling joints and smoking and having a drink'.  Nash confesses to finding beautiful women irresistible and recounts that they were plentiful when he flew to Los Angeles after leaving the Hollies.  Arriving at David Crosby's house, Nash writes, 'Beautiful young women all over the place, some clothed, some not so clothed' and called the Hollywood Hills home of Stephen Stills a 'storehouse' of drugs and '...nubile young women' that Eric Clapton and Jimi Hendrix frequently visited.  Nash describes the state of the band during recording sessions for DejaVu as '...tormented' and '...coked out of our minds.'