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Harvest 50th anniversary editions coming

Neil Young will release a 50th anniversary expanded edition of his 1972 album Harvest on December 2. In addition to multiple alternate or live takes of songs on the original album, both CD and vinyl sets will include DVDs of a BBC performance and a documentary titled Harvest Time. Here are the bonus songs on the 50th anniversary edition.

Words (Between the Lines of Age)

Out on the Weekend (Live)

Old Man (Intro) (Live)

Old Man (Live)

Journey Through the Past (Live)

Heart of Gold (Live)

Don’t Let It Bring You Down (Live)

A Man Needs a Maid (Live)

Love in Mind (Intro) (Live)

Love in Mind (Live)

Dance Dance Dance (Live)

Bad Fog of Loneliness (Outtake)

Journey Through the Past (Outtake)

Dance Dance Dance (Outtake)