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Graham Nash, David Crosby archive album coming

Graham Nash's former band mate Neil Young has released dozens of albums of archived recordings in recent years. Now, Nash is doing some mining of his own. The Hollies, CSN and Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young veteran recently revealed plans to release an album featuring himself and David Crosby. Nash shared some details about the release during an interview with the San Diego Times-Tribune, saying it will include the pair singing the Stephen Stills’ 1970 solo song Love the One You’re With, on Jackson Browne’s Doctor My Eyes and on James Taylor’s Mexico. It also features them doing  You’ve Got a Friend with Carole King at the Universal Amphitheatre in LA in 1993. The title of the album hasn't been finalized, but Nash is leaning toward calling it Harmony, something there hasn't been much of between Nash and Crosby in quite some time. We hope it helps re-establish more of it between the two.