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A  Night With Janis Joplin, the concert-theater production that has collected strong acclaim during presentations in a number of cities over the past two years, will open at the Lyceum Theater on Broadway this fall.  Preview performances are slated to begin September 20, with the official opening scheduled for October 10.  A Night With Janis features several of Joplin's most compelling songs delivered by Mary Bridget Davies, who critics have praised for her ability to convey the spirit and soul of Janis.  Washington Post theater critic Peter Marks applauded her rendering of the Port Arthur, Texas singer with a bawdy and brash attitude on stage but a sometimes painfully reserved and shy private self. writing, 'It's a portrait, more than anything else, of a romance: a singer in love with the cleansing embrace of the crowd.'  Well over 100 actresses auditioned for the role before Davies landed it.