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Live Nation rolling out season lawn passes

Concert bohemoth Live Nation has announced that lawn passes for the upcoming season at amphitheaters it operates or books tours into are going on sale. With the price of shed seats routinely exceeding $100 and often double that, the $199 cost of getting a seasons worth of shows at around the price of getting a seat for a single one is a decent deal. Most of the venues included have big screen projection viewable in general admission areas, and we know of some where the sound on the lawn is actually better than it is in the reserved seating sections.

Some things to know... the deal excludes fees, and we all know how onerous those can be. They hadn't started selling them when this was being written or we would have looked a few over to give you an idea of how much they will add to the cost. Also check each venue's exclusions. Some include parking, some don't. There are also apt to be some concerts that are excluded. In the case of one venue we checked, that even applied to a cover band, all be it a very good one, Brit Floyd. Each pass applies to just one venue.