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Clapton slaps widow with a lawsuit for selling a bootleg

Eric Clapton's decision to sue a woman for selling a CD of his music that she didn't realize was a bootleg has us baffled.  According to accounts, the widowed 55 year old woman from Cologne, Germany found the disc among her late husband's belongings and didn't realize it wasn't a legitimate release.  She listed it on EBay for $11.  It didn't even sell, but it did come to the attention of Clapton or someone associated with him and Clapton filed suit.  A court sided with the guitarist.  While the woman wasn't fined, she did incur $3,500 in legal fees for filing an appeal on the matter that was rejected by a judge.  
Clapton has every right to be vigilant in targeting sellers of bootleged recordings and is said to have filed hundreds of suits against bootleggers, but unless there's more to the case than has been reported, suing this poor woman is sad.