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Fronted by the towering presence of a flute player that spent nearly as much time performing on one leg as two made the appearance of Jethro Tull was as unique as the band's sound. Audiences catching the group live in the early years were both mesmerized and blown away. At a time when encores were relatively rare, Tull was earning multiple ones as an opening or middle act and regularly outshining concert headliners. A new book that covers the group from its inception and during those remarkable years is due out March 25th via Wymer Publishing.


Written and compiled by author Laura Shenton, Jethro Tull Chronicles 1968-1979 should be a good read for fans that got to see the band as well as those that whish they'd been able to during that era. The 256 page book will include a trove of photos, including many never before published. Shenton has previously written well received books on Deep Purple, Emerson, Lake and Palmer, Supertramp, Tommy Bolin and others.