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R.I.P. Charlie Watts. The publicist of the Rolling Stones drummer announced that Watts died peacefully in a London hospital today surrounded by his family. The 80 year old mainstay of the band had announced that he would not participate in the group's upcoming resumption of its Covid delayed No Filter tour so he could get medical treatments for throat cancer, which he was diagnosed with in 2004.  Watts had been with the band since January 1963 when he left Blues Incorporated to become the Rolling Stones drummer.  Since he also had trained as a graphic designer, Watts also had a hand in the layout and design of the group's early album covers.  Charlie's 58 years behind the kit on every Stones album and tour earned him universal admiration and respect.  His early passion for jazz remained strong throughout his life and he made regular appearances at jazz clubs during breaks between Stones albums and tours.