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One of the very few and far between silver lining aspects of a pandemic is that creative people realized people being deprived of the ability to travel would be hungry for virtual travel experiences. Several online companies offer them and most are rather typical tourist tours, but there are some to be found that are of particular interest to music fans. One of the best that we've found and enjoyed is this one about the Rolling Stones early stomping grounds in the Richmond section of London hosted by Paul Endicott.

Paul's personable nature and his impressive volume of knowledge about the UK music scene make this and the other virtual tours he conducts in real time outstandingly informative and entertaining. Tagging along is free, with a tips option, and Paul fields and answers questions along the way.

No need to pack, no TSA hassles, jetlag... just login, check for his tours and enjoy!  Check his schedule here. If you don't see one listed,check back.