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Elton John hosted a get together for some industry insiders recently to give them a listen to a few of the tracks on the album he plans to release in the fall.  From  what EJ had to play and say, Diving Board will be quite departure from the heavily produced pop slop he's been associated with over the last many years.  Elton credits a contemporary that never strove for the kind of mass commercial success that he sought for inspiring him to get back to basics and make a record that '...befits a person of my age.'  The quest to make the new album began after Elton listened to Modern Times, the album Dylan released in 2006. 'When I heard that record I went, My God, this record could have been made any time in the last 50 years! It's brilliant and I want to try to make records as good as that.'
John's album is being produced by T Bone Burnett and will feature Elton backed by Raphael Saadiq on bass and drummer Jay Bellerose.