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The legal standoff between Neal Schon and Jonathan Caine and two former members of Journey has come to an end. The wrangling began when Schon and Cain ousted Ross Valory and Steve Smith amid allegations that the bassist and drummer were attempting to take over the rights to the band's name. In a February, 2020 board meeting of Nightmare Productions, a corporate entity associated with the group, a vote was taken to grant Valory and Smith the right to replace Schon and Caine as officers. That action prompted the guitarist and Cain to fire them from the band, which led to Valory countersuing Schon and Cain over his dismissal. The apparently amicable settlement has Schon and Cain crediting Valory and Smith for their part in Journey's musical legacy and wishing them musical success in the future.

Journey will go on with former bassist Rand Jackson replacing Valory and Narada Michael Walden taking Smith's place. A great kicker for the story would be Valory and Smith talking Steve Perry into joining them in a new band called Sojourn or something else similar to their now former band's name.