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Triumph will release a 40th Anniversary box set of Allied Forces. The expanded edition of the band's 1981 album drops on June 12th, the day the member of the group will be honored as Canada's Record Store Day Ambassadors.


Included in the collection are picture disc lp of the original release double vinyl albums of a 1981 Cleveland concert, a 7" 2021 tribute single, a live single featuring previously unreleased versions of Allied Forces and Magic Power recorded in Ottawa in 1982, a 24 page booklet with rare tour photos, reproduced Allied Forces tour book, poster, backstage pass, copies of hand-written lyrics to Magic Power, Fight the Good Fight and Allied Forces and three comic drawings by Rik Emmet. Canadians buying the box will also get a repro of the 111x17" poster for the group's Maple Leaf Garden concert on the tour.