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Coverdale-Page, the 1993 collaboration involving David Coverdale and Jimmy Page is closing in on its 30th anniversary. The Whitesnake and Led Zeppelin veterans are already on the same page regarding an expanded re-release of the 1993 album in 2023, but Coverdale is actively trying to entice Jimmy to record some new tracks to include on it. Speaking with Eddie Trunk on his SiriusXM program Trunk Nation recently, David said he pitched the Zep guitar great on working together on some new material on Zoom or FaceTime. One obstacle is that Page is hunkered down at his country estate due to the pandemic and not inclined to motor into a London studio for sessions, but with the better part of a year to go and Covid hopefully getting reigned in, there should be enough time to get the couple of songs Coverdale has in mind to add finished, arranged and recorded.